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Motorcycle Safety Education Program

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The “Motorcycle Safety Education Program” is a joint venture of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The overall mission of this endeavor is to educate all of the motoring public in a way that will help protect our motorcyclists from mishaps which so often lead to physical injury or death. There are two distinct ways in which we will approach this task. First, we will focus on the drivers with a “Share The Road” campaign. This effort is intended to point out some of the unique issues which drivers need to be aware of as they travel the same roadways as riders. Next, we will offer to all riders throughout the state the opportunity to attend a one day rider safety course which is designed to help them become a more accomplished rider. The course will consist of some classroom instruction, but for the most part the students will be on their own bikes doing a lot of riding through exercises that should help enhance their individual riding skills. An increase in knowledge on the part of all motorists along with more skillful riders means a safer and more enjoyable time for all.

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