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Why Should You Take This Course?

1. Proven Safety Advantage

Studies show that riders with certified training have far fewer accidents. In fact, 90% of motorcycle accidents involve untrained riders. And when accidents do occur, trained riders suffer fewer injuries.

2. Enhanced Riding Skills

Your experience and participation will lead to a better understanding of the riding maneuvers and mental skills necessary to enjoy motorcycling to the fullest.

3. Insurance Discounts

This course meets the requirements under Oklahoma State Law which allows for a discount on your insurance premium for a three year period.


According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office

  • In 2010, there were 1662 motorcycle involved accidents.
    • 695 of those were single vehicle accidents (only the motorcycle was involved).
    • 705 of those were two vehicle accidents.
    • 44 of those involved three or more vehicles.
  • 1481 of those were injury accidents.
  • 75 of those were fatalities.